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Wide variety of games

The wide range of games allows players to choose between different exciting games.
Players can enjoy playing classical, low and high volatile games with interactive multi-level bonus features.
We offer three different selections; CLUB, GOLD and DIAMOND. Each selection offers from 12 to 42 most popular core games in 3 -5 different categories. With different denominations offers to players so many combinations and variety without needing to leave the comfort of their seat. 

Advanced Game Star Platform

The strong and reliable Multi-Game platform ensures flawless operation of latest exciting games and gives full compatibility with games that are yet to come.
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All our best standalone games have been combined to form this state of the art multi-game. With plenty of options customized and fabulous assortment of games, players will be thrilled to see this collection on floor. A range of 5 to 50 lines games, with up to 10 different denominations, exciting artwork, reach animation, connected to one of our jackpots will satisfy any player.

Adaptive Illumination Technology

Brings more excitement and attracts more players to the game.
Customise your gaming portfolio with AIT and enjoy the view.
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Adaptive illumination technology creates light effects around the cabinet that correspond to the game content. Gold Club claims that a "more immersive gaming experience" can result. Adaptive illumination technology is a lighting system that actively adjusts both brightness and color based upon picture content. Integrated into the edge of cabinet, Adaptive illumination technology is aimed to enable the viewer to see more picture detail, contrast and color while eliminating on-screen reflections.

Adaptive illumination technology works by projecting light from the edge of the cabinet in a very wide range of colors, shades and intensities. AIT dramatically moves the game beyond cabinet and into a completely new thrilling dimension.

AIT is used also as security and warning instrument in case of jackpot events, locks, errors or bonus and free games triggered. Lighting insensitive is adjustable from game menu, so AIT can be adapted to any ambient.

LAP and WAP Multilevel Progressive Mystery Jack Pot Systems

Linked Mystery Progressive Jack Pot Systems will give you additional boost to game performance.
Choose from wide range of different themed LAP and WAP Jack Pot Systems.

Simple use and servicing

All machines are designed to enable simple use and servicing.

3E design

Ergonomy, Efficiency and Effectiveness were placed at forefront when designing latest generation of Slot Cabinets.
Check recommended seat height to ensure congruous gameplay.