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I'm not so good with computers. Can you repair the machine remotely?

Yes we can. You will just need to connect a network cable to the machine's computer and we will do the rest.

I have a problem on my machine, how can I fix it?

You can contact us by phone or send us an email with a brief problem description and we will try to fix it together.

Can I install similar (non-original) hardware parts into the Gold Club machines?

 All the parts in our machines are thorougly tested to comply with our software demands. Replacing a part with a non-genuine one will result in unpredicted machine behaviour and we will not give any support in such case.

Where can I order original spare parts for my Gold Club machine?

You can order all the parts directly from us, just fill-in the contact form on our support page.

I need a quotation for some spare parts with shipping costs. Who can I contact?

You can request a quotation by filling out the contact form on our support page.

What payment methods do you accept?

We only accept bank transfers.

I have paid the invoice. When can I expect the parts?

Since bank transfers take some time to be completed, we suggest that you send a copy of the payment receipt by email to speed up the process. If the parts are on stock they will be sent out the same day.

How do you send out the parts?

We usualy ship the parts with couriers like: DHL, TNT, FedEx, GLS.

I have my own DHL account number. Can you ship the parts with my account?

Sure. Just make sure to mention this when requesting a quotation.

I received the spare parts. One of them got damaged during the transport. What should I do?

If this unfortunate event happens you need to inform our customer support office about it. They will make sure that you get a replacement.

I have an older machine. I want to know if it's possible to upgrade my machine's software and hardware?

Mostly all of the older machines can be upgraded to newer software in combination with new hardware. Send us you wishes an serial number of the machine by filling in the contact form on our support page and we will let you know the best options.

There is a hardware malfunction on my machine. I think the part should be under warranty. What can I do?

Please look at our warranty policy on our support page for detailed information about warranty period and part replacements.


Gold Club warrants the Product for a period of 180 days from ExWorks date delivery against defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and service. Specifically excluded from this Warranty are glass, fuses, lamps and all other equipment considered as consumables as well as optional peripheral equipment or parts, not included in a standard Product configuration. This warranty is valid only if Gold Club is notified in writing within five business days of the discovery of any defect covered hereunder. Customer must prove to Gold Club’s reasonable satisfaction that the fault is due to bad workmanship or faulty materials within the Warranty Period and return the Product or faulty materials to Gold Club. Shipping costs for spare parts will be charged to Customer.

Gold Club makes no warranty, express or implied, of the design of the Product. In no event will Gold Club be liable for direct, indirect, special or consequential damages, including without limitation, loss of profits arising out of any breach of this agreement whether such damages result from malfunction of product, hardware and/or software defects or from any other defects. Gold Club's sole obligation under this Conditions shall be limited to the repair or replacement of materials or parts under this warranty. Minor deviations from specifications which do not affect performance of merchandise covered hereby shall not be deemed to constitute defects of workmanship, materials or construction or a failure to comply with the specifications referred to herein.This warranty shall be void if the Product is operated or maintained other than as specified in the Product operations manual supplied by Gold Club.

Gold Club’s maximum liability shall not in any case exceed the contract price for the product claimed to be defective or unsuitable. Gold Club makes no representations with respect to Product hold percentages. Gold Club provides no warranty for equipment, accessories and/or peripherals manufactured by a third party, including, but not limited to signage, progressive displays, faulty payouts associated with progressive wide area systems or local area systems.

Supplier provides technical support to the Customer via telephone consultations or email during normal business hours of Supplier. Technical support is free of charge if the defect is due to Product mechanical or software malfunction.

Repairs & Spare Parts

These GOLD CLUB Repair Service Terms and Conditions contain important agreement terms and information relating to the service of your Gaming Machine, including warranty disclaimers and limitations of liability.  Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully.

  1. Repair Service.  GOLD CLUB will use reasonable efforts to diagnose the issues you identify with your Gaming Machine.  
    1. Warranty Repairs.  If covered under warranty, GOLD CLUB will repair your Gaming Machine at no cost to you other than the cost of technical labour and travel cost to your address. Warranty Repairs are limited to EXW (Ex-Works) Manufacturer.
    2. Non-Warranty Repairs.  If not covered under warranty, GOLD CLUB will contact you to obtain your authorization to proceed with any recommended repairs.  If you provide an email address, then GOLD CLUB will send you an email containing the diagnosis, a quotation for the cost to repair or replace the Gaming Machine. If you authorize the repairs, GOLD CLUB will send you Proforma Invoice with quoted amount that must be paid in full before Repair procedure.  
  2. Warranty; Limitation of Liability: 
    The warranty period covers twelve (12) months (from date of shipping) for mechanical components (frame, fixtures, mounting hardware, etc.) and six (6) month for electrical components (circuit boards, monitors, bill validators, motors, switches, etc.). Parts that are subject to normal wear such as housings, hand-rests, etc. and process consumables are excluded from warranty.
    At the time of related inspection invoices shall be cancelled via credit note. Invoices will stand until faulty parts are received for evaluation.
    The foregoing remedies shall be Customer's sole and exclusive remedies under this warranty or otherwise. The Customer shall not return any machine or part thereof without Gold Club's prior written consent.
  3. Payments and Charges; Taxes: 
    Customer shall pay to Gold Club in the currency and in accordance with the payment schedule set forth in the purchase order as accepted by Gold Club as stated on the invoice. All payments are due within 30 days after invoice is issued, unless otherwise mutually agreed in writing. In addition to the prices specified, Customer will pay, upon demand, any and all sales, excise or other taxes now or hereafter imposed on or measured by all or any part of the contract, the purchase price, products or services, or the manufacture, use, sale or furnishing of products or services. If any payment is not made when due, a late charge will be charged by Gold Club from the due date until the date of actual collection by Gold Club, calculated at the lesser of (i) one and one half per cent (1.5%) per month or (ii) the highest rate per mitted by law. Such late charges shall be in addition to, and not in lieu of, Gold Club's other rights and remedies for Customer's default or non-performance. The total amount required to be paid by Customer shall be paid regardless of any dispute or controversy relating to the contract, products or services or to any other contract, transaction, products or services. All deposits and payments are non-Refundable.
  4. Alteration of Gaming Machine and Spare Parts.  In order to diagnose the described issue and determine whether repairs are necessary, GOLD CLUB may perform tests or make repairs that will change the condition of the Gaming Machine or the data stored on it.  By submitting the Gaming Machine for diagnosis and repair, you authorize GOLD CLUB to perform tests and/or make repairs even if those tests or repairs result in changes to the Gaming Machine or the data stored on the Gaming Machine.
  5. Shipping Damage.  After you receive your Gaming Machine or Spare Parts, check immediately for any damage that may have occurred during the shipping process.  To make a claim for return shipping damage, you must preserve all shipping materials and documents and contact GOLD CLUB customer support within 24 hours or by the end of the next business day, whichever comes later.
  6. Applicable Law and Venue.  These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the laws of the Slovenia, without reference to choice of law principles to the contrary. .
  7. Entire Agreement; Severability.  These Terms and Conditions set forth the entire agreement and supersede all prior agreements, representations or understandings regarding the subject matter hereof.  GOLD CLUB reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions from time to time, provided that any amendments will not apply to the Terms and Conditions to which you have already agreed with respect to repair service for a particular Gaming Machine.  If any provision of these Terms and Conditions is found to be unenforceable, then the unenforceable provision shall not affect the enforceability of the remaining provisions.

Note that there are return shipping and handling fees. Please contact Customer Support for details regarding your specific product model.

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