Adaptive illumination technologyAdaptive illumination technology


Indepth analysis prove 30% higher frequency rate of players

Development guidelines for Gold Club's latest products are directed towards using best modern materials and the latest design solutions. The company has thus designed innovative machines with adaptable lighting.

New guidelines in the development of gaming machines have contributed a new image to the company's products, which is based on the best application of light and offers a unique gaming experience. Adaptable lighting allows colours to be adapted as desired and to create a unique atmosphere in the casino.
Customise your gaming portfolio with AIT and enjoy the view


AIT brings more excitement and attracts 4x more players to the game

Advanced multiplayer platformAdvanced multiplayer platform

3E3E Efficiency

LUMINA LED Series intelligent electronic roulettes are based on state-of-the-art technologies and design concepts. The 3E principle was placed at the forefront when designing this roulette: Efficiency, Ergonomy, Effectiveness. Of course, we did not neglect stability of operation and the performance of the devices. All new generation roulettes are thus based on a completely refurbished multi- player platform that ensures even faster and more reliable operation.
  • High Quality Roulette Wheel
  • Self Healing Nano Tech Coating
  • RGB Illuminated Game Status Bar
  • Wide 21,5 PCap Touch Monitor
  • Addaptive Illumination Technology

Reach for the starsReach for the stars